Why Volunteer?

30 Sep Why Volunteer?

Why would anyone want to volunteer on a Incentive reward trip? After all you and your team deserve this fantastic break and don’t want to “work” away from the office…

Well it seems that the world is becoming more altruistic. A recent survey of employees returning from a Hands Up Incentives trip confirmed that we are on the right track, employees want more from their incentive and team building journeys.

“Working with the school was certainly our group’s highlight. We gained a real insight into the culture, how people live and hopefully gave something back to the children.”

– Shelley Ferrigno, recruitment manager

An astonishing 92% of respondents stated that the two days they spent completing the building project were the highlight of their 10-day incentive trip.

A survey of attendees has shown that the impact of the trip has been quite astounding, with 88% of respondents stating that it was the best ever incentive trip they have attended. More importantly, 72% felt that it had a very positive impact on the children and 92% felt that it had a very positive impact on themselves.

The data goes well beyond our own research. Volunteering has been linked with employee engagement and company reputation.

On the whole, employees are more motivated to work for companies that actually care about the wider society and as a result the employees tend to be more productive and engaged in those organisations.Recent research of UK employees supports this. More than half (57%) of employees want their employers to do more for CSR and 63% stated that paid leave, to support charitable initiatives would significantly improve their engagement with the company. Improved engagement leads to employees taking 3.5 fewer sick days and staying in the company longer than disengaged employees.

In fact, more than half of employees surveyed (51%) believed their company has a duty to commit to charitable acts and CSR.

“Polls find that eight-in-ten CEOs believe that CSR contributes to their company’s reputation and that it can significantly increase their company’s ability to recruit and retain employees, appeal to and attract consumers, differentiate their firm and its offerings in the marketplace, generate additional sales, and achieve many of the other business benefits”

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