The Hands Up Story

14 Oct The Hands Up Story

Hands Up Incentives is the realization of the dream of Christopher Hill, the founder. His idea was to enable companies to reward their staff, retain all the usual elements of an incentive trip, such as gala dinners, luxury hotels, and amazing activities but also to have authentic interaction with local people and give something back in a “hands on” way to local communities through hands-on volunteering.

Companies will derive the following benefits:
  • Motivation
  • Loyalty
  • Engagement
  • Company reputation enhancement
  • Build goodwill in a new market
  • Cultural understanding
  • Team building
  • Higher sales and profits
 In Christopher’s own words:

“My background is law and investment banking in London, and I was fortunate to participate in President’s Club reward trips, and team building events, so got to understand from an insider’s perspective what it takes for these events to be inspiring and effective (and also to know what is trite and mundane). During my six years working in finance, I learnt lasting business skills, but was left wanting more. In my life I have been blessed to have had some incredible travel experiences in over 50 countries, from African sunsets on safari, to swimming with dolphins, to hiking up volcanoes and even gasping for breath in the Himalayas.

When these experiences are overlaid with giving back to the destination, they became incredibly fulfilling, inspiring…and life changing. Experiences such as helping build a house in South Africa and teaching English to my host family in a home-stay in Guatemala are great examples, and the lifelong friends I have made as a result and the lives changed were the catalyst for leaving my job in the City in London and setting up Hands Up Incentives, to enable companies to reward their staff in ways that truly motivate and engage their employees, improve their CSR profile, and improve the bottom line at the same time. Through volunteering, and the consequent meaningful interaction with local people, I gained an insight into other cultures, and learnt to appreciate their values and norms.

I am passionate about companies and their staff having amazing travel experiences. Expect to have a meaningful incentive trip with us, while at the same time still enjoying fabulous hotels, special dinners, and those amazing activities such as hot air balloon rides over the Masai Mara, swimming with Manta Rays in Hawaii, or exclusive viewings of Peru’s Machu Picchu

Since opening our first office in London, we have expanded into San Diego, Sydney and Auckland. Although we are growing nicely, our ambition is not to be the biggest corporate travel company, just the best, and the most ethical.

That’s why we are Hands Up Incentives – providing transformative corporate travel experiences that change lives…including your own.”

Christopher Hill
Managing Director and Founder