14 Apr Engaged employees are more loyal and perform better

CSR has proven to be one of the top ways to keep people engaged and right now employee engagement levels are at an all time low,” Kellie McElhaney, author of “Just Good Business: the Strategic Guide to Aligning Corporate Responsibility”.

Various studies have found that employee engagement increases profit, job satisfaction , job commitment, service climate, job involvement, manager effectiveness, resilience to stress and decreases burnout. Human resource practitioners are also citing engagement as the key method for dealing with employee retention.

A recent meta-analysis by Gallup, of 199 studies, in 152 organizations,  44 industries and 26 countries, demonstrated that high employee engagement delivers an uplift of every business performance metric: “Profitability up 16%, Productivity up 18%, customer loyalty up 12% and quality up an incredible 60%.

In the words of Nilofer Merchant, a corporate advisor and speaker on innovation methods:  “let’s all agree that when someone proposes that we can put off that peopley stuff till later, we can all answer a resounding: “No, we can’t.” It’s not the frosting on the cupcake. It’s the key ingredient in how we make the cupcake bigger.