Employees want to work for a company that cares

30 Mar Employees want to work for a company that cares

According to an Environics International survey of 25,000 people across 25 countries “80% of people who worked for large companies stated that they felt greater motivation and loyalty towards their jobs and companies the more socially responsible their employers became

CSR isn’t just a warm and fuzzy idea, it is supported by the numbers. According to a recent Society for Human Resources Management study, companies with well developed sustainability programs had 55% better morale, 43% more efficient businesses processes, 43% stronger public image, and 38% better employee loyalty, than companies with poor sustainability programs.

There are many factors that impact these numbers, but clearly an organization that cares for society, no doubt has a culture that cares about it’s employees. A culture that allows the staff to bring their passion for a cause to work, means they don’t have to check their energy at the door. They arrive “whole” and feel proud of their employer.