CSR Activities Promoting Team Building

28 Nov CSR Activities Promoting Team Building

Contributing to projects that have a positive and lasting impact has been increasingly popular in the meetings industry lately. These are wonderful for creating long-term connections to the communities involved whilst simultaneously bonding the company closer together.

Here are ideas for activities to include in your next event that help improve your company’s CSR reputation:

Feeding Program: Take part in meal planning, cooking and serving healthy meals for hungry children. It’s a way to educate teams to take action against global hunger and poverty leaving a sense of purpose while sharing and enhancing skills in cooking and enhancing skills like competence and management.

Care Kits: Your team can take part in helping build hygiene kits for those in need. The kits are part of relief goods that are distributed where they are most needed- to victims of calamities, war zones, evacuation centers, etc.

CSR Scavenger hunting: Organized groups join in a scavenger hunt and assemble beehive frames which are then donated to women from all parts of the world who use them to produce food and beauty products, bee pollen and sell them.

Recycling: Groups team up to produce solar cars from kits and from waste materials. Solar car kits are then donated to schools that teach about energy conservation and alternative means of transportation.

Animal Care: Participants assemble care packages containing food bowls, collars, chew toys and basic kits for rescue pet adopters.

Building Projects: Teams can bond together and help build houses for needy families.

Build-A-Bike Race: This is a high-energy activity with teams competing to finish a bike building race. The race consists of physical and mental challenges that enable teams to earn materials to build their bikes. In the end, needy children receive the bikes as donation.

Art Projects: Teams combine skills and collaborate to complete tasks to acquire the needed materials for their artwork. No artistic skill needed. The goal is to be able to design and make stimulating artwork to donate to local communities to display in public places, such as schools, parks and hospitals. The effect is long lasting as artworks can be seen around the community and make visible memories.

Take your pick and be ready to build teams and make a difference. Contact us at [email protected] and we will make it happen for you.