28 Apr Company Performance Linked to CSR

CA Technologies has a long standing commitment to CSR and volunteer programs, particularly in education because we recognize it’s a good investment for our business,” Erica Christensen, senior director, Community Affairs, CA Technologies.

Companies with well integrated CSR policies don’t only benefit from employee engagement and the improved performance that it yields. According to a recent report by Deutsche Bank’s climate change investment research group: “Companies with high ratings for corporate social responsibility and environmental, social and governance factors have a lower cost of capital and are a lower risk to investors.

According to Deloitte’s 2010 Volunteer Impact Survey, 64% of executives surveyed say that corporate citizenship produces a tangible contribution to the company bottom line.

Many studies have shown that consumers are getting more educated and discerning. Given two products of equal quality and cost they will tend to purchase the brand they perceive to be a better corporate citizen. Some consumers will even pay a substantial premium for brands they know to be making a difference in the world.