22 Sep Beyond Money – Ideas for Non-cash Incentives That Get Results

The purpose of incentives is to recognize good performance in the hopes that the positive behavior is reinforced. In a previous blog entry on non-cash rewards, we discussed the merits of considering incentives that go beyond money. Now, let’s take a look at some ideas for rewards that will increase performance and engagement.

Wellness and relaxation

One area you can start with is providing the awardees with a luxury wellness package. This can include massages and spa treatments among others. Our employees are conditioned to associate hard work as a requisite of relaxation and well-being which encourages them to continue working hard.

Consumer electronics

Another well-received form of incentive is consumer electronics. Phones, tablets, laptops, smart televisions are only some of the common gadget grants out there. This way, the recognition becomes part of the awardees daily life. Every time he/she uses the gadget, the award comes to mind.

Fashion and grooming

Giving our employees additional chances to improve themselves through salon, skin care, and body care treatments along with gym services and clothing packages is another way of rewarding well-performing employees.

Lifestyle, travel and entertainment

Another popular choice is the giving of gift cards or certificates to watch films or plays. Many companies also provide awardees the option to travel locally or internationally on holiday for free or at a significantly reduced cost. Free or discounted hotel accommodations, travel fees, and tour packages are a few of the ideas which fall under this category.

Other forms of incentive

There are countless other ways of rewarding hard work. Some companies award Gift cards which the employee can use on an extended lunch break outside the office. Birthday party packages are also popular. Some corporations also look at increasing the number of paid vacation leave or giving the employee the chance to take early days.

Whatever incentive scheme you go for, it is important to vary them from time to time to keep things interesting. You can also have periodic surveys of your employees to gather other incentive mechanisms. Remember, that you are working within your company’s ability to sustain the program so you have to make the scheme as effective as possible. The goal is not to simply recognize good employees but to encourage these employees to continue working hard and to serve as models for others to follow. Incentives are not merely for commendation but it is also an excellent training and employee development tool.